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twitter_logo_s Everyone should be familiar with Twitter, Blogs, Facebook & Linked-in, to name a few of the social networking tool sets, This post is mostly for Twitter but applies to others.  I was doing some reading and ran across this blog post "Why I Use Twitter: -or- Social Media in the Payments Industry"   I don’t even need to write an answer about this: I can provide an example of my colleagues experience: Why I use Twitter (How Randy San Nicolas attend a Social Networking Session at the BAI Confenece and met on Twitter with John Ryan, another attendee.).

I have had similar experiences, posting that I subscribed to MAKE Magazine and Picked up an Arduino Duemilanove got me a direct reply, A few blog posts about MagTek’s Magne-Safe Reader, got me a email from a MagTek Engineer – he was likely using Google Alerts  My post on got a timely reply from — they were using Google Blog Search. I ran into an old friend I haven’t seen in 10 years or so, she asked me if I was on Facebook and that we could catch up using that. Simple. Companies can monitor the blog-o-sphere and social networks and adapt directly to customers, while users can network and expand their knowledge and contacts.

I’ve been using Twitter for over a year now, mostly as a way to keep track of colleagues and co-workers schedules and tasks, as well to update "What I’m doing" as well, and have received some interesting replies and met some new contacts and friends.


Any one have any other experiences to share ? You might learn a little from me, and I’ll learn a lot from you.

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