ADT Offers New ATM Security Technology to Combat ‘Skimming’


I read about a new Anti-Skimming device for ATM readers here


In a matter of seconds, criminals can place a skimming device on an ATM card reader that blends in with the machine’s appearance and does not interfere with its operation. A small wireless camera, concealed near the ATM fascia, is also used to capture the user’s personal identification number (PIN) as it is entered. Information from the device and camera is sent wirelessly to the criminal’s laptop computer. The ATM user typically has no idea that his or her information has been compromised.

To help reduce ATM skimming, the ADT solution is installed inside an ATM near the card reader, making it invisible from the outside. The technology helps prevent card-skimming attempts by interrupting the operation of the illegal card reader. The solution also detects the presence of foreign devices placed over or near an ATM card entry slot, without disrupting the customer transaction or operation of most ATMs. For effective, layered ATM security, the ADT solution can trigger a silent alarm for command center response and can coordinate video surveillance of all skimming activities.


Look interesting.

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