ProcessAway – iPhone Credit Card Terminal


I was reading ISO&Agent this morning and read a short article about another iPhone front-end to the Payment Gateway. It is called Process Away – I wrote about the first one here (Credit Card Terminal by Innerfence). This one appears to have a few more features at first glance, and offers a free Lite Version (limited tran amounts) and full version at the Apple App Store for $19.99. The pricing of the app and that of the Merchant account that they offer appears to be a better deal then Credit Card Terminal.  (But you need to see and compare apples to apples with merchant account agreements pricing, which is an art in itself.)

Who will be the first to PA-DSS compliance ?

Obopay Widgets – part II (Obopay Widgets share your mobile number)

My plan to take over the world using capital financed by mobile payments (using Obopay Widgets ) has been put on hold, you see I don’t really want to share my cell phone number with you. I have a fear of getting SMS and text messages and mobile calls that I really don’t want and exorbitant fees on my mobile statement.  You see the new Obopay widgets that I blogged about here, act differently the the Obopay buttons that I used in my first campaign here:

Let’s look at the two different methods:

OboPay Buttons:

Send me $1 by cell
When you click on it to send me $1:

(notice – you don’t see my cell phone here)

OboPay Widgets:

When you click on it to send me $110:
1-13-2009 3-58-22 PM

(111) 222-3333 is my cell phone number (no not really) that is accessible to anyone who visits the Obopay Widget.

Why did they not implement this like they did the “buttons” ?!??!

Obopay Widgets


I saw this press release: Obopay Introduces Bailout Tools for the Rest of Us:


With millions turning to friends and family for a personal bailout in the form of a little extra cash, Obopay, the pioneering service provider for payments via mobile phones, today announced three widgets — small applications that can be added to web pages such as blogs and profile pages — to help people give, donate and pay money quickly and easily. Receiving and sending money with Obopay to friends and loved ones online has never been easier.

Here is my Obopay Widget in action: 

(***note this widget is not configured to use my cell phone***)

Get code to create your Obopay widgets here.

I personally don’t like the fact that Obopay allows for anyone to view your cell phone number, after they click though the "widget" if it is configured with your cell phone number. I see SMS Spam and un-wanted cell calls with this.

Mobile Tagging – mobile phone barcode readers


One of the things that I discovered on my phone is that is has a bar code reader that can read both Data Matrix and QR (Quick Response) barcode formats, and I can create them as well.  It is like having a CueCat in your phone !!! Which to me is some pretty neat stuff.



The process is called mobile tagging -  and compliments of Wikipedia – here is a picture of the process:


And here is my business card in vCard format:








mobile commerce – sms text notifications

Picture 20If you have ever used Obopay or even social networking site Facebook, chances are that you have interacted with your mobile phone with these sites in some manner with your phone.  Obopay, is a little more obvious, but you receive text notifications when you send or received money on your mobile.  Facebook sends text messages to your registered mobile phone number for you to validate your account, Obopay also uses multi-factor authentication to validate the user of its website using a phone call and spoken code, or a text with a message and a code that need to type in a webpage. This is called Out-of-Band Authentication and your bank may have implemented something similar for its Internet banking.


Yesterday, I researched and implemented text notifications when you perform an Reload or Add Money transaction on our issuing platform to your prepaid card using an interface to a SMS Gateway. Check it out below: I’m using my Nokia E71 here.